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The Tamilnadu Agricultural University provides us the latest developments in the farm implements.

Further, the institution has established an Agro Tools Industry for fabrication of Farm implements. The following implements are being fabricated and supplied to the farmers throughout the State.

To Mechanise the farming operations in this area, the ‘CARE’ (COOPERATIVE FOR AMERICAN RELIEF EVERYWHERE) donated 5 Tractors with matching implements in the year 1970. From then onwards, the farmers in this
area are provided with Tractors with matchingimplements for their ploughing operations at a nominal hire charges. At present, the institution is having 6 Tractors.
  • TUCAS Power Sprayers 
  • TUCAS Hand Sprayers
  • T.N.A.U. Model Seed Drills
  • Hand Operated Groundnut Decorticators
  • Iron ploughs  
  • Bund Formers
  • Levelling Boards
  • Ridge ploughs
  • Buddler
  • Seed Cleaner – cum- Graders

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